We exist to help founders grow their digital businesses.

Ascenditt develops and executes sales and marketing strategies that enable high-growth digital businesses to rapidly scale and increase their revenue.
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One simple solution to strategize, build and manage your digital marketing.

Digital Ads Management

We build, manage and maintain high-performance ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Amazon, TikTok and other major ad networks.

Audience Building & Analytics

We collect and analyze hundreds of data sets to create a profile of your ideal customer so that they can be found, targeted and cultivated into raving fans of your brand.

Sales Funnel & Website Management

We design the perfect sales funnels, A/B tests and marketing stack that our developers strategize and deploy onto your website.

Email Marketing & Automation

We strategize and build-out the email campaigns and automations needed to fully immerse your audience and maximize sales.

We solve problems with data. A whole lot of data.

We utilize data as a way to tell stories and discover how, where and when your customers want to make a purchase.

We've managed over $100 million in ad spend for some of the biggest brands on the planet

And driven more than $1 billion in sales. Yes, billion with a “b”.
At Ascenditt, we’re not purveyors of hunches, gut feelings or wild guesses. We know that the answers to discovering your audience and marketing strategy lie within the vast amount of data available to us to about your business, industry and customers purchasing habits. Discovering an audience and turning them into customers online doesn’t happen by accident. In today’s option-rich environment, customers expect to be met with a cohesive, frictionless experience from brands asking for their money.
We work with all types of businesses, including:
From skincare to cigars, we support and drive traffic to online stores on all platforms.
Business loans to car removal, we drive leads and connect you with the people ready to buy.
Brick & Mortar
We help business get found online to get feet in the door, or appointments booked.
Massages to health coaching, find the audiences that are your perfect clients.
I highly recommend Ascenditt for their honesty, enthusiasm, and knowledge.
Patricia, E-Commerce Store Owner

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