Frequently Asked Questions

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What's right for me? Facebook Ads, Google Ads or both?
Before we do anything, we perform a complete competitive analysis to find where your customers are and which marketing channels present the most potential. At that point we'll provide our recommendations and develop and action plan to launch.
I already have a website, can you use it?
Possibly! If your website is sound and we believe can achieve the goals we want, we'll certainly use it and simply optimize it. If it present issues, then we'll suggest rebuilding (which in many cases is even easier).
Do you offer SEO?
Yes, in fact we typically include SEO services by default if we build a website from scratch. Even though our speciality is paid ads, we're huge fans of SEO and we believe it plays a huge part in the continued growth of our clients.
Do you work with startups?
Yes, some of our biggest success stories have been with clients that we worked with from the startup or growth stage, and we love getting in at the ground level.
How long does it take to see a return?
This can vary greatly depending on industry, budget and strategy, so while no absolute number can be guaranteed, we aim for all our digital marketing programs to be profitable in 90 days or less. Many times it happens much sooner.
Do you have minimum contract lengths?
Absolutely not. All our contracts are month-to-month with 30 days out clauses. You're free to exit our relationship at any time, no questions asked. That being said, we do recommend that a new client be prepared for a minimum of 3 months of service.
How long does it take to setup a digital marketing campaign?
It typically takes 1-2 weeks to setup paid campaigns on Google, Facebook or other platforms. If website development or optimization is required it may require additional time.
Do you offer copywriting services?
Yes, in most cases we provide all copy and creative for the ads and campaigns we manage. This is because we constantly optimize and test all copy, images and call-to-actions to measure performance which requires constant oversight and adjustment.
Do you offer sales support or services?
We don't offer proper sales services, but we can provide sales consulting and support. Our founders have been directly embedded in sales programs that have done millions in deals annually and can advise on everything from best practices to CRM's and more.
What platforms and softwares do you work with?
We're running marketing campaigns on nearly every e-commerce cart and CMS imaginable including Wordpress, Shopify, Webflow, Clickfunnels, Infusionsoft, BigCommerce, Magento and many more.
Do you build websites?
If the project requires it, absolutely. We've built websites and funnels from scratch that have received hundreds of thousands of page views and in many cases there's huge advantages to building a site from scratch rather than optimizing an old one.
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