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$11 ROAS for this Enterprise Ecommerce Shopify Store

We created a solution to fix the scaling issues for this enterprise-level Shopify store.
Facebook Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Email Marketing, Onsite Optimization

The Challenge

When we were introduced to this client, they were already highly successful and had great revenue each month ($300k+) to their Shopify store selling premium food products all over the USA. Unfortunately, that success had come completely from organic traffic and they were starting to experience wild volatility swings in sales and demand from their organic social channels. This was a big problem because they wanted to start scaling larger, however it was apparent that they couldn't do this off of organic traffic alone, it was simply too unpredictable.

In addition, this product has a very niche audience and is considered a luxury good with an AOV of over $114 for a food product that only lasts a few days. Their customers are very valuable and hard to find. Enter: Ascenditt.

The Opportunity

While the challenge was significant, so was the opportunity. With an AOV over $100 at the time of launch, we knew finding the right people that could want and afford this product would be tough - but if we could find them, we'd be able to scale exactly like they wanted. The phrase "the riches are in the niches" ringing in our heads, we went to work.

What We Did

The first thing we did was deploy an entirely new Facebook Ads strategy. While the client had dabbled in Facebook Ads before, the history was limited and they never had any success. We launched a myriad of strategies to expand awareness, increase engagement, and then nurture them in a composite of retargeting ads.

In addition, we deployed all new Google Ads and Google Shopping strategies to #1) start targeting the most valuable non-branded keywords available and #2) claim the top position on all searches with branded keywords that were currently being targeted by their main competitor.

Thirdly, we did a complete overhaul of their email marketing. We managed a strategic migration over to Klaviyo and deployed 5 new flows to capture, engage and nurture new traffic to the site.

Because of the velocity of the data incoming, we were able to test very quickly and optimize at a pace that was even greater than our normal tempo (which is historically very fast).

Facebook Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Email Marketing, Onsite Optimization

The Results

The results were swift and dramatic. In our first full month of Facebook Ads we achieved a ROAS of $10.28 during one of the most competitive months of the year. One Google Ads, we decreased their CPA by nearly 40% and achieved a ROAS of $9.

On the email side of things we:

  • Generated an additional $25.1k in revenue from new flows (not including campaigns)
  • 361% increase in abandoned cart revenue
  • 45x increase in email and SMS opt-ins

The following month, results in all categories maintain except Facebook where ROAS rose to an incredible $15.05.

We'd found pay-dirt, and set the ground work to start scaling up in the next quarter.

$11 ROAS for this Enterprise Ecommerce Shopify Store
$11 ROAS for this Enterprise Ecommerce Shopify Store

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