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Increased Monthly Revenue Over $40,000 with Email & SMS Automations

This high-powered Ecommerce seller needed to harness the power of email marketing to get to the next level.
Email Marketing

The Challenge

This particular client had a conversion issue. They were really good at getting people to come to their website, but not at turning them into customers. Initially they believed it was an issue with their website or cart - however after our audit we quickly realized the issue wasn't onsite at all, the issue was in our strategy to capture their info and nurture them to the point of purchase i.e. email marketing. In order to convert more first-time visitors better, we had to harness the power of email.

The Opportunity

This Shopify store had approximately 150,000 session per month and an AOV of about $95 - if we could deploy our email marketing strategies properly, we would be converting about 5% of traffic into email & SMS subscribers which could then be nurtured to the point of purchase.

What We Did

Deployed New Automations (Flows)

The first step was deploying our new email automations (flows) in Klaviyo. The tip of the spear was a strong way to acquire new email and SMS subscribers. This was the cornerstone of our strategy, because if we could create a constant influx of new fresh emails coming in, we could nurture them to the point of purchase (most in the first 7 days). We immediately deployed 4 new email automations (flows) that were live in a matter of days, with various goals an functions that can be summarized like this: nurture new customers, reach out to past customers, harness on-the-fence customers, and recover potential customers that abandoned.

Consent Was Key

We deployed various tripwires to allow people to opt-in to our email list with 100% consent when THEY were ready. One element that many eager marketing teams overlook when building their email and SMS lists is consent. This isn't just important for legal, but also for conversion. Our opt-in strategies allowed users to give us their email and SMS info WHEN they wanted, and ONLY if they were interested in us. This sounds like an obvious note, however it's key because if people don't enter our funnel the right way, they won't take the action we want them to.

Optimized Old Automations

This client had all the standard automations running per best practice such as abandoned cart, etc. We reworked these for the goal of increasing overall conversions and recovering more abandoned carts.

Email Marketing

The Results

Our maiden strategies worked exactly as planned. Visitors to the site responded to our opt-in offer strongly with an opt-in rate of nearly 3.5% for all website sessions. While we missed our initial goal of 5%, we made up for it on the backend:

  • This segment converted at a rate of nearly 10% in the first 18 hours, with an average AOV of $115
  • Increased Abandoned Cart revenue by 3.6x
  • Increased email list growth MoM by 45x
  • Increase overall store conversion rate by 20%

In total we added an additional $41,298 in monthly revenue for this client using email automations alone (not counting email campaigns). We were now dialed in with a great strategy to fully harness all the traffic they were getting and turn them into customers.

Increased Monthly Revenue Over $40,000 with Email & SMS Automations
Increased Monthly Revenue Over $40,000 with Email & SMS Automations

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