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Increased Revenue 10% with Email Flow Optimizations

We increased the role of flows for this client to pick up a total of 20% more monthly revenue.
Email Marketing (Klaviyo)

The Challenge

This client was stuck in a rut when it came to their email strategy. They didn't know what direction to go or how to squeeze more money out of their existing data - and more importantly how to acquire email and SMS subscribers. Their email list growth was stagnant and conversion was volatile due to unpredictabilities in their Facebook and Google Ads. They need to make better use of the data they had, and get more customers to opt-in so they could be nurtured and converted down the road.

The Opportunity

With over 40,000 sessions per month onsite and 17,000 existing emails, there was plenty of potential to make an impact on both fronts: increasing LTV on old customers and building the list to get new ones.

What We Did

We started first on acquiring new email and SMS messages. We deployed a multi-tiered solution that would allow customers to opt-in when and where they wanted to during their buying journey. We strategically placed these offers to present themselves to the customer at the optimal time during their buying journey and when they were most likely to purchase.

Secondly, we optimized all existing email automations that had been previously built with new content, timing and segmentation to increase conversions across the board.

Email Marketing (Klaviyo)

The Results

In the first month we achieved nearly all of our primary goals:

  • 115%, increase in opt-ins, adding more emails and SMS messages to their list in a single month than ever before
  • 85% increase in conversion for first-time customers that opted in (additional $12.2k in rev)
  • 44% increase in Abandoned Cart recoveries (total of 16.5%)

The end result was an additional 10% in revenue from email automations for a total of 20% attributed revenue for the month!

Increased Revenue 10% with Email Flow Optimizations
Increased Revenue 10% with Email Flow Optimizations

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